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Need Underhood Observations

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I need an observation from anyone who can check under their hood for me.


I want to know what color the paint in on your strut mount studs and what the physical location is of the mount with the yellow paint on the end of the stud. What I am trying to describe the four studs that come up thru the strut towers on each side.


On my car they all have green paint and the yellow dot is outboard forward on the passenger side and and outboard rearward on the drivers side.


I am grasping at straws trying to figure out why my front end has thumping sound on impacts. I have had the struts and strut mounts replaced twice and it still does it. The sway bar has been removed and it still does it. Each time the struts and strut mounts are changed, the noise changes, but doesn't go away.


Ford is supposedly going to dispatch an engineer to look at it, but this has been going on all summer and still unresolved.


I just want to rule out that maybe the mounts are being mounted in the incorrect position.

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I have an '07 gt500 and all the threads are green.

On the drivers side the left rear thread is painted yellow and on passenger side the right front is painted yellow, sounds the same?

I hope this helps?


Thanks Bad Snake. That does sound the same. At least that means that I have the correct parts and that they are in the proper orientation.

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Oh great! I had my passenger side front strut go out at 1000 miles and the dealer replaced it. My drivers side has the same outboard rear orientation on the yellow stud but the passenger side has the yellow stud on the inboard front orientation. I noticed when the guy did the job he pulled the whole strut bearing out and reinstalled it with my original spring and brearing on the new strut. Does the yellow stud indicate any strut bearing orientation and is everybody else's in the same orientation as yours? Or are they random and does the yellow paint just indicate the factory torqued them? I have no noise or complaints about the front suspension since they replaced the original strut that had a loud squeel when the suspension travelled.


P.S. I didn't get a good look at the top of the brearing when it was out-is there an orientation recommended for the top of the upper strut bearing? For example an "O" to put outboard? The book mentions an orientation but it seems to be referring to the lower part of the bearing where it rests on the spring.

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