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Terlingua Pictures


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Wow, a great bit of eye candy with Terlinguas in several flavors!!!!

Thanks for posting the photos!


Any details on the "need For Speed" version?


Like how the wheels were upgraded to 20" Razors on the base orange car.

Were the brakes upgraded too on it? That may be exactly what we do to our coupe, it's even Grabber Orange.

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Just back at the house from Terlingua.


Where to start - a wonderful time, great folks and truly great event for me and my co-pilot Jerry. Met so many good people and put names to faces.


So much to say - and will over time for now some details and pictures.


For those who followed or read my posts - Vorpl arrived!!! I cannot describe this car adequately - incredible comes to mind. It rolled up in the car carrier truck at 12:00 on Thursday where Glenn and Beth and Quantum were there to be on-hand for the big event.


I then was able to spend the next three to four days with my new car, my wife Reine for some and my co-pilot and best friend Jerry and Vorpl.


The events were great, the drag events and relays at the airport were awesome fun to watch - Vorpl is a new car and did not compete - still had the break-in oil, but she did do the car show, drive to Alpine, and the Bullrun. What a rush to drive and she averaged 20+ even with high speeds during escort, hills, etc and her first few hundred miles. The handling is better even then described and the acceleration easily matches descriptions. Incredible


I was awestruck seeing all the other cars, the different models - some I had never seen before and just with meeting everyone.


At the drag track Bill Neale who is easily the nicest person alive except for his wife who is even nicer maybe LOL came and signed Vorpl - I was grateful and thrilled. They are truly generous and delightful folks.


By Sunday morning I had had the chance to meet Carroll and tell him about Vorpl her being the first production Terlingua and my living in Terlingua for so many years. To my delight he was truly interested and complimentary and wanted to listen and talk. Again, a truly generous person. I suggested if he were ever near Vorpl maybe he could sign her - he said he would Sunday morning!!! Then he did - OMG. What else can is say.


In between these two events Glenn from Quantum - talk about truly giving and wonderful people Glenn and Beth came out to wash the sides of Vorpl and get her last decals on to complete her - he was out there at 6:00 AM !!!! Can you say dedicated service? Incredible. Carroll arrived just as Glenn was putting on the last decal - what timing. Quantum went above and beyond in every possible way for me.


There is no doubt so much more to say - Amy is wonderful and generous as well - thanks Amy - the participants were great and so many incredible cars to see. Thanks also go to Bud and Jim and anyone who helped - thanks so much.


Jerry and I - had a great event.


I am sorry if you want more - be glad to soon - just tired now from the weekend and need to go detail and finish cleaning my car.


Pics below:



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Yeah, It was SO great to meet all of these wonderful people! I honestly didn't meet one person I didn't like!


We all have so much to share with the forum...almost all of it is great stuff!


Give us just a little bit of rest time, and you all will get lots of pictures and stories.


We all had some wonderful excitement and experiences. We got to really feel the power that our cars have and drive them to the limits.


The police near the resort were super nice, but did pull a few of us over on the way in Thursday. :hysterical:

It was hard not to laugh. We were having so much fun it didn't matter.


I also got to laugh at my brother for getting a ticket in the park for 87 in a 45...but that was tame compared to some of the others :hysterical:


I wont steal anyone's thunder for their own stories...so you have till Friday to post your stories before me... :hysterical:


Thank you Amy and SAI and Bullrun for an event I will remember for the rest of my life!


P.S. Does it get any better than golf cart racing with Bob Bondurant, Tom Yeager, Amy, Robert Parker, turnsignaldelete and all the others?


nope....it doesn't :drool:

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Nice pictures, guys. We are on our way to Houston for our flight home. We are now in Flatonia along the I-10. Getting ready for the road again.


Patrick & Astrid

The Dutch couple




It was sure great to meet you!


VB - aka David

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