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TSB can create stress (big time)


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Have an early 07 that was not really giving me problems regarding the tsb so I felt better leaving it be- as I kept reading the posts I started having symptoms like interns do when they become doctors- my car had the dreaded tsb desease and I became paranoid making test after test- everytime it would not go into first or I had a chatter at the light I thought here it goes- at night I could hear a hiss coming from the garage- paranoia had set in- Now I have the tsb and a new 2nd gear and it feels the same- do I feel better? Somewhat from the fact the issue is done and behind me but I believe I would have waited a little longer as some cars have issues even after the tsb- Your car is at the mercy of the dealer you take it to and you can only hope he takes care of your car and does not skip steps in the tranny because of parts shortages- my dealer does not allow customers in the shop at all- after the repair the tech told me what he found and that was it. Could I see the parts- no they were in the boxes ready to ship back- they put 29 miles on my car but part of that was because sensors were showing faults and the car needed to be driven on the agressive side to bring the issues on. Also the drive had some time on it after the tsb- my tech replied after the repair when I asked him if it was better he said it seeme about the same to him- so likely I had a ways to go before it was never never land- the car is driven hard is no daily driver and the work is done- I am no longer paranoid - no longer paranoid- no longer paranoid- I even had a dream that the fault system in the car lit up and read " Hey you need some valium relax I am just fine" Its just a car right.- rs

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