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Anyone have KR wheels/tires on their SGT?


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If anyone has pictures of the 20" KR wheels and tires on their SGT I'd love to see some pictures. I am waiting on the brake upgrade until I decide on a set of wheels. If you have tire size recommendations, I'd like to see that too.


If you have other wheels, please post pics.




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I've been searching for the perfect balance and would love to see what 20/9 alcoas on all four corners of a white SGT look like. The tire size 275/35. Then I could have the look, performance ,and be able to rotate. Would they tuck nicely to the edge of fender or protrude? Would the SGT center caps ($100 already spent) fit?


So far I'm down to the Special Edition 69s and I have to live with the 9/10 stagger. Second choice CS40 black 20x9 all four.


That orange car is cool. There are still 2 SGT Cal editions at my local dealer. Hmmmm. Second daily driver.


Mike, Newport CA.

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