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Welcome and congrats on your 07 SGT! Browse this site fully and you will find any info needed

on your 07 SGT. Go back a few pages and you will see answer's to every question you have! BTW ... what color is it, Black or White and whats your csm #?







Yes welcome! Wonderful car! Congratulations!




....black is faster... ;)

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Thanks for the response. We collect a few cars here in Georgia "vintage and muscle cars" and this is one I got on a spur of the moment. Really did not know anything about these cars. I know the market is flooded with GT500's and thought this was a sleeper. I will post pics this weekend. It is BLACK on BLACK and an AUTOMATIC which I see they only built 508, pretty cool. To tell you the truth I really just bought it to trade around on. CSM07SGT4331 came out of OHIO. And like I said only 92 miles, not 9200, not 92000, just plain ole 92 lol

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