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It is a publicty stunt. "Steal" the car in a manner where many people see the theft, and then drive the car around town for a week or two in order to build interest and excitement for the show up in Canada. If the thief was really joy riding around Toronto, wouldn't you think that the Police would be able to easely spot it and arrest the guy?


Even the quick glimpse videos are BS. It's kind of odd that the same guys happen to be where the car just happens to be driving by. They film in that herky-jerky style to give the video a more organic, unprofessional look to it. As an example, why would anyone just happen to be videoing themselves driving through a car wash only to "almost" have K.I.T.T. run into them on the way out?


And if you look carefully at the second Youtube link that Dylan posted, the car is coming out of a Ford dealer. What; did the thief decide to take K.I.T.T. in to get the clutch/flywheel TSB done on it? :hysterical:


I frankly would not be surprised if the "theft" is somehow incorporated into tonght's premere episode, but I guess we'll find that out after the show airs later.

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some idiot stole the kitt shelby from a media event!




and it also looks like hes been flooring it around town...










sounds nice though! i want it... :headscratch:


Look up on youtube: K.I.T.T. car jacked while on display and you will get a clearer view of the theif, as well as the supercharger whine from the car. :shift:

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