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Sirrus AC/DC Channel


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I've been back in black for a week! For those about to rock, I salute you!


Well, I gotta go sink the pink.


Have a drink on me and a great day!





:hysterical::hysterical: oh yeah..



Ilmore try putting windows down and turning it up, I can still hear the 2nd and 3rd gear chirp! :hysterical:


mine still says punk too, I had it on preset, that was not an interesting channel most of the time.


Now it ROCKS!!! about time!!!

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I love that channel ... check out Buzzsaw, channel 19, I think! My wife likes Hairnation channel 23!







+1 i like it when they play Tool.


Hairnation is really funny, my wife was way into that stuff back then, she even knows the b cuts...super funny!

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I can't wait...


We have floor seats to see AC/DC at the Rogers Center in Toronto November 7th and are booked for the night at the Renaissance hotel which is in the same building.


My niece and one of her son's that is a huge AC/DC fan are flying up from St. John's Newfoundland for the concert...


It's going to be a blast....



btw.... I tuned into the Sirius channel today....

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