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Team Shelby Store new Terlingua items and more!!!


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Hello all,


We have added some new items to the Team Shelby store. We have added both men and womens Terlingua items and we have added a 2008 Kr banner.



The store will only be open until September 24th 2008. The store will be closed for 3-4 weeks in order for Team Shelby to begin the transfer and set up at the Las Vegas Shelby headquarters.



This will be your last chance to order your shirts and banners and extras from Team Shelby until the end of October.


We will also be removing a few items from the store that will not be relisted again.





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If you are attending Terlingua I will have the terlingua items only for sale at Terlingua so no need to buy those items you can buy them this week.


The other items including banners will not be for sale at Terlngua only on the site.

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