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1/4 Mile Time

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nice numbers. did you use the line lock?

Thanks… Yep I pretty much always use the line lock and drag radials at the track. Street tires would be spinning in 3rd gear with the supercharger. Getting all of that torque/power to the ground is the tricky part.


Geez, what was the guy in the left lane driving?? A Challenger??

Actually the guy next to me was in a Mustang also. Not sure what the problem was but he was already in my rearview mirror at the 330 foot mark.

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That is smokin' !!!!!! A potential 11 second 4.6L Mustang. I bet you've surprised a few GT500s at stoplights.




Have not seen any GT500's at stop lights (yet) but I have at the track. They are always surprised!


Stock GT500's have an immediate disadvantage with the suspension (plus another ~500 pounds up front), lot's of wheel hop. The stock GT 500's I have seen at the track do not generally perform well (often low 13's), they just can't hook up. A modified GT 500 is another story, they can kick my butt and they certainly have a lot more potential with the 5.4L motor.


I'm at the limit of the 4.6L bottom end in the SGT so no more engine mods unless I go to forged internals first and that would lead to a whole series of other mods (heads, cam, headers, clutch, etc.) to take advantage of the beefier rotating assembly.


Maybe next year…




Cuda...Thats Fast!


How "streetable" is your combination? What kind of mileage do you get? Those are the results I'm after with my GT-H...granted, it's an automatic, but I still think its attainable.


The car is VERY streetable. It's my daily driver; I only drive 4 miles to work so I don't put a lot of miles on it (11,000 miles in 19 months). I absolutely love driving this car, around town, highway, track. Sometimes I just get in and drive with no place to go just for fun.


The 4.10 gears would not be great for gas mileage on long highway driving (but perfect for the track). I get about 15-16 MPG around town and about 23-24 MPG on the highway at 65. Of course it's hard not to stomp on it so with duel fuel pumps and big injectors it will really suck some gas when you open it up.


The auto transmission will drain some power away but you should be able to overcome that with the right setup.


Good luck…

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