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Cleaning inside of wheels

Spokane Shelby

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I was looking at how dirty the inside surface of the wheels gets. Brake dust and other grime makes the shiny surface look totally dull. I have pulled the wheels to do a real good cleaning job--once. That was way too much work. I knew there had to be an easier way to clean them each time I detail the car. Reaching in with a cleaning rag or pad did not work. The fourteen inch rotors on the front do not allow for much cleaning room, as you know. All of a sudden I had an epiphany, or at least a good idea. I remembered my wife dusting the other morning. She was using a lambswool duster. It is long and narrow with a plastic handle. I took it out to the gareage and stuck it in the bucket of suds. It snaked between the spokes and thoroughly cleaned the inside of the wheel. In a few minutes I had all four looking shiny and new. I have a ten spoke wheel on my 1967 Fastback, and It cleaned them just as easily. No more skinned knuckles trying to work a rag around the inside of the wheel.


The duster I used is made by O Cedar and is lambs wool, which holds the suds and water. I went to three stores to find another one. They were not easily found. I found a duster with a wood handle which might work. The O Cedar, with a plastic handle is the one to use. I bought three of them. Who knows, they may stop making them. I thought I better get mine before the hoarders get at them. Trust me, these are a real work saver. It makes cleaning and detailing a lot more fun.

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So, the real question is, how happy was the wife when she found her duster all filthy with brake dust!


Just kidding! This is a good tip, I had been thinking about how I could clean them without pulling the wheels...thanks!


I tread on REALLY thin ice when I take wife's cleaning stuff to the garage. My mom still tells the story about coming home one time and finding hubcaps in her dishwasher......and that was over 35 years ago!

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There is another way to clean them also.


Drive the car up on ramps.


Get under the car and wipe them out with a rag.

I do things the hard way,.............Remove,clean,polish,reinstall.... :banghead:








I know......It will just get mucked up in no time,but we all wash our cutlery after we use them, so...I do the same with my car wheels.


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Take your wheels off, clean them so that they are absolutely squeaky clean to where you could eat off them...then apply this stuff, it keeps the brake dust from bonding. It works great on the paint, but we put it on my girlfriends father's american racing wheels (chrome), and he gets practically zero brake dust, and what does get on just rinses off without effort:



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These are all you need right here, actually designed for cleaning inside of wheels. They bend any way you need them too, fits between the Caliper and wheel, etc. I took this Picture off the AutoGeek web site under Brushes & Detailing supplies. Yes I have them and I will NEVER take my wheels off again. There is a whole World of Professional Detailing Products out there, all you have to do is look.


P.S. My local AutoZone has very similar Larger one in stock for 5 bucks.

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