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winter storage? tires

Donald Whelihan

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Last night I took the SGT out to a show. About the first mile or two it felt like

my tires were square. It gets cold up here in New England in the winter and my

SGT is stored in the garage. The only heat in the garage is what makes it's way in there

from the house. Here's my question. Will the winter long sit ruin the low profile

tires that came on our cars? Should I jack the weight off the tires or, store the

wheels and tires in the house? All thoughts welcome. Thanks


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I haven't noticed the "squareness" after my car sits, but its probably there and I don't notice. As for the winter, I'll be installing the winter set!!



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I had Tasca Ford Fill my tires with nitrogen (38 psig) last November. The car sits all winter with an ocasional roll up and down the driveway. Have not had any tire issues and have only lost 2 psig since last November. I will take it back to Tasca for oil change and to "top off" the tires with nitrogen before I put it away for the winter.

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