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I have have the stock B.F. Goodrich tires that came on the car with 3,100 miles on them. I had my low tire light come on as well a warning on my info center. The last time I actually checked my pressure was in the summer when it was 100+. Our weather has taken a real cool turn. We already had snow in the high country over Labor Day! I figured the cool weather caused them to go down a little.


My tire gauge showed three tires were at 30 psi and one was 35 psi. The sticker on the door jamb show it should be 32 psi all around. I fired up my compressor and filled them to 32. I drove the car for 10 miles and the light never went out. It stayed on for 3 days before going out. The owners manual was no help. I thought I might have a bad sensor or something so I called the service dept. at my dealer.


They said that the sensor measures an average of all of the tires. They claim that the one high tire made the others look execptionally low to the computer. I'm no math whiz but three tires just slightly below the recommended level wouldn't throw off the average. The high one would. They said that there was nothing to look at so not to worry.


While we were talking potential flat tires, I happened to mention the SVT compressor and can of elephant snot that replaces the spare tire in the trunk. They asked me what I was talking about. They're the Ford dealer so you'd think they would be up on their cars.


I have learned more from you guys (and girls) on this site that from the manufacturer. I think I should ask here before I have to go to the dealer. That way I'll already know what is wrong before they feed me a line..

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