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Supercharger noise


Noise coming from the supercharger  

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  1. 1. Does your factory supercharger sound noisy, similar to bearing noise, at idle?

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    • NO
    • NOT SURE

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With the hood open, I've noticed that the supercharger sounds kind of noisy - almost like some bearing noise near the front. It's not too loud, but definitely noticeable. Everything seems to be working fine, though. Anyone else have this noise?

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So what do you all think? It seems like 26% of us have the noise so far. I'm wondering if its a break-in type of thing. I have about 1800 on mine at this point. Anyone at Shelby or SVT able to shed some light on this? Is this normal or not?

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I think the gears are staight cut, and what us "very sensitive" idividuals are hearing, is simply straight cut gear engagement.


I think you're probably right. Having the supercharger is new to me, compared to my 07 GT that I had previously, so I'm (apparently) still getting used to the new sounds under the hood. :confused:

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