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GT-H Convertible-- Kruse Auction


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  • 1 month later...

I was at the dover auction yesterday , They said they would have 20 cars= they only had 13, they sold 3 before the sale, they sold 1-35,000, 1-31,500 3-30,000 4-26,000. (I'm not sure what happened to the last one) I unprofessionally graded the cars on a 1-10 scale 10 being the best, most of them were hard to get a 5 out of, they were very dirty, the stripes were terible a lot of hood pins were missing. The best quote of the day from the auctioneer was that these cars would have retailed new for 84,000 dollars when new. The cars were the same ones that went througfh the Hershey sale a week before, they still had the hershey stickers on them. Its seems to me that something funny is going on with these cars, you would think that as many cars they have claimed to sell that more of them would have found there way to Ebay or other classifieds.

CSM#s that were there


07H339 16,917 MILES

07H370 18,136

07H168 19,626

07H143 21,465

07H287 22,980

07H093 24,848

07H283 24,967

07H062 29,968

07H116 28,000

07H223 29,753

07H029 26,000

07H216 31,671

I saw the csm# the mileage came from Kruse description card

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