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I edited out some administrative b.s, but take a look at the remark concerning the Shelby GT. Otherwise nothing Earth shattering but you may want to make note of some cool marketing materials that maybe you can get from your local dealers - enjoy...



Subject: Shelby GT500 Mustang Update


The purpose of this communication is to provide a Shelby GT500 Mustang update for certified dealers.


Certification Payments

Per Shelby certification agreement, allocation of one Shelby GT500 unit for both 2007 and 2008 model years is provided to the dealer, along with related marketing material and online sales training, for a fee of $1,500.


Please note that additional fees will not be required to participate in the Shelby GT program. This program, announced at the Dealer Intro Show earlier this year, will begin production in Jan-2007. Stay tuned for allocation information regarding Shelby GT coming soon.



Access the latest Ford Performance news regarding Shelby GT500, photo and video gallery, color selector, and specs at the recently updated website, which is available through the Mustang page on www.fordvehicles.com . Click on the Shelby GT500 image, and then follow the link "Shelby GT500" in the description to more information. Alternately, the website can be accessed directly at www.svt.ford.com.


Marketing Materials

Hero cards were recently produced, and (10) cards were sent to all certified dealers the week of Sep-25. Extra hero cards are available on the Dealer eStore, and can be ordered in quantities of (100) for $10 plus shipping cost while supplies last.


Posters were also produced recently, and are available on the Dealer eStore in boxes of (50) for a cost of $25 plus shipping cost while supplies last.


Both pieces feature a blue coupe with white stripes and are tagged with "500 Horsepower. The Most Powerful Factory-Built Mustang Ever". The hero card provides technical data on the reverse side, as well as additional photo images of key features.



Shelby GT500 merchandise is now available through the Ford Collection. Please visit www.fordcollection.com for latest list of polo shirts, t-shirts, hats, and key chains featuring the Shelby GT500 and Cobra logo. Die-cast models will also be available soon.

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Rat: That is good news. I wonder if there will be a ADM on the poster? Since I could'nt get a car, I will try for a poster. The news on the Shelby GT is consistant with what the Regonal Rep told my fleet contact, which was "The order bank will accept a order in Jan for the Shelby GT". How many GT Shelbys do you think each dealer will get ? Which car do you think will be better, the 07 Shelby or the 08 Bullitt ? I know it is a guessing game on the Bullitt!

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