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Shelby GT Hood And Front End On Ebay


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I think I have seen the car that had that engine cover on it around here at one of the shows.....

Looks like a GT500 front change and a S/C install. Just trying to recover as much money as possible from the swap.....

I would have kept it how it was.


Hey Gib,

Wonder if we will see it at the Mustangs On the Bay show in October?


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Anybody know what these parts are actually worth off hand? Seems reasonable.



The front fascia can be had from your dealer I posted the price somewhere. Look on htt://www.fordaccessories.com but it's less than $400 I believe. Brace is what? $100? Grill $130?


I would say that given it's factory paint and stripes would be a + but it looks beat up on the bottom and will need to be redone. The scoop you can't get but it's the old one. The hood is available for $499 clean take off.


I wouldn't pay more than $750 for the entire thing given you get what you get and there's $$$$ work involved here that may make just buying new a better option, if you take away the scoop the only thing in the bunch that can't be bought directly or as a NEW take off.


But then one man's trash....

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I emailed him about the lower grille, it says if it doesnt sell as a whole he will part. His reply was basically he already had 2 people interested in the entire thing and he would get back to me if it doesnt sell and he parts the pieces out.

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