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SS Top Speed Results

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With one to two weeks before I pick-up my car at Tasca...I am dreaming about driving it...when I took out a magazine article about a guy that joined the 200-mph Club on a Hayabusa. I won't admit it but the Busa saw 185 on the LIE and that was sick. I was preparing the Busa to attempt joining the 200-mph Club but I never got around to it...maybe I was a bit scared. The East Coast Timing Association and the Maxton airstrip makes it possible to legally test the upper limits for speed within a mile:




I haven't seen it discussed here unless I missed it but what are the experiences of SS owners for top speed? Have you removed the limiter? I believe the GT500 is limited at 150mph. Is the SS stable at speed? Does the SS get squirrely? Is anyone considering the Maxton Mile? If you have done it how did the SS perform?


Any info at speed will be helpful.



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I can only speak for myself and my experiences trying to get a very accurate top speed on video with a good GPS reading for proof. I have posted some of my best runs on YouTube. My YouTube site is JASIT390. Check them out if you like. My Gt 500 with a tune set on kill a pulley and cold air only made 173mph in the Texas mile. You really won't be able to open your car up on the Maxton track they have to many safety needs for the cars. Thats why I drove 1372 miles to Texas to blast the mile. I was told you needed a full cage over 130mph and a parachute over 150mph. You can call and ask if things have changed let me know I'll go with you. Maxton is only 698 miles from the house I would love to go. Now that the car is Super Snaked I have only managed 165 in 5th gear as the road I use to test for the Texas mile is much to rough with the car having such a tight suspension over the old Gt 500 stuff. Its just all over the road at that speed where it use to just float over it before.

Here is a few videos you might like. Let me know whats up at Maxton.








Good Luck

John Strauss


Oh as far as the handling its rock solid over 130mph no worries..

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I would be glad to go. If you can get them to let us run our cars without the safety equipment I'm in for sure. Let us all know if they will do something special for us Shelby owners.

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