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CS6 Grille on @007 SGT

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Okay, I'm a little lost on the CS6 Grille mod to the SGT.


I have a black 2007 SGT and I really like the look of the CS6 Grille. If I want to add it....what am I buying from SPP? Am I getting the "CS6 Upper Grille Insert" or am I buying the "CS6 Upper Grille Kit"?


I understand that the "kit" will come with the lettering and lights, and that I will have to purchase them separately if I go with the "insert". But where I am not clear is whether I need the kit to physically retro-fit the CS6 Grille to my SGT.


And all the above notwitstanding - how hard is the mod to do?


Any help much appreciated!



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Thanks for the help, gents.


Ordered the complete kit today. As predicted elsewhere, estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks.


Thanks again.



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