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"whiter front lights" - suggestions (2007 sgt)

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Honestly . . . I'd give the Sylvania Silverstars a shot!


I picked up the Luminics 'Pure White' thru American Muscle - but I find that they are still a little 'Blue' and are sometimes hard to see where they illuminate the road ahead. The Silverstars were noticably brighter/whiter than that of the OEM bulbs and simply appear to light the road ahead brighter than the Luminics bulbs.



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I have tried various "white", "pure white", etc. bulbs. They all seemed to have a blue tint to them.


These from Luminics are what I settled on. They have less blue than anything I've tried so far.




They have other "whites" including higher output ones. But, I haven't tried them.




Good Luck!!

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I'm just looking for suggestions on a "whiter brighter" bulb to replace my stock headlights with. I've got the lower grill and foglights and those are a much brighter white than my headlights. Just looking for any suggestions. Thanks.

I'm using hella bulbs nice and brite also Piaa coming out with a bulb

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