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Vapor/Black GT500 diecasts?


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I have several extra Hot Wheels GT500 Black with Alloy Stripes. I don't have any of the other colors. I would like to have one of each color. If any Team Shelby member wants to trade one of the other colors for one of mine, please PM me. Keep it simple, even swap, we each pay shipping to the other.

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or the fastest colors :happy feet: :happy feet:


I have to agree on that.


Kev...we almost have the same dates on our cars. They are a week apart as far as ordering, blend and build goes. But they have the same arrival date and sale date. I compared the two and here they are:




Receipt Date: 3/4/2008

Serialize Date: 3/6/2008

Segment Date: 3/6/2008

Sequence Date: 3/18/2008

Blend Date: 3/20/2008

Produced Date: 4/8/2008

Gate Release Date: 4/14/2008

Ship Date: 4/16/2008

Arrival Date: 4/23/2008

Sold Date: 5/31/2008




Receipt Date: 3/17/2008

Serialize Date: 3/18/2008

Segment Date: 3/18/2008

Sequence Date: 3/25/2008

Blend Date: 3/28/2008

Produced Date: 4/14/2008

Gate Release Date: 4/16/2008

Ship Date: 4/21/2008

Arrival Date: 4/23/2008

Sold Date: 5/31/08

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