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Happy Birthday Ilmor!


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Happy Birthday! We were all going to pool our resources and get you a mod for your birthday but Roger said you don't do mods. :hysterical:



Yeah, but I do money!!! :hysterical:

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Happy Birthday Bob!


Hope you got some new Shelby parts along with the dinner! :happy feet:


Not this time; it appears that this birthday was centered around golf - a complete set plus an awesome putter - capped by a delicious dinner (and I got that martini too).


The golf set fits nicely in the Shelby trunk...the bag even matches the car colors!




I'm going to put the lower billet grille and brake ducts on my Santa list. :drool:

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still a day late and a dollar short.....but Happy Birthday!!! (belated) Craig :happy feet:


It's never too late - I like long birthdays! Thanks!

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