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SoCal Shelby Enthusiast Looking For 1 Terlingua Ticket


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Have a Shelby enthusiast here in SoCal that wants to attend the Terlingua event mainly as a spectator since they wont be running a car in the event.


But they do want to enjoy all the meals, night time gatherings, autograph sessions, etc.


So my question is does anyone who is going by themself want to sell their other ticket?


This SoCal person will have his own hotel room so all he will be using the ticket for is the meals and events (non road).


PM if you can help and I'll pass on the info.



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The tickets go like this


2300 for a pair of two tickets gets all two into all the events.


If you are coming alone the ticket is 1900 dollars.


However if you found a person that wanted to go and had a car.


The cost would be 1150 each a much better deal.


So if there is one person that has been thinking about going now is your chance to split a ticket. But you would have to share a room.



But I do know that if you do not already have a ticket and are thinking about it still the rooms are almost sold out.





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