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Shelby for sale in Illinois


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Remember the #2 guy on the dealer's list that got his shelby before me, the #1 guy...... :shift: Well, he backed out of the deal at the last minute... No telling why?


It is a black coupe with tungsten stripes, premium interior package.....and its FOR SALE: The following is posted with permission from the dealer:









talk to Tom Geary (good guy)


He's asking 10k over MSRP



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Guest evilchris

Hennessey Ford in Bollingbrook called me yesterday to say they have one available for $25,000 over sticker



lol, I've gotten such calls. The sales goon uses language that implies he's giving you a really good deal too.

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FYI (hope you dont mind me posting this Doug)

I had a call from the Dealer that bought cobra2go's car, see Canadian thread for details. Got the message today it was from yesterday, he told me that he sold the car shortly after he called me yesterday, not sure how much, but I do know that cobra2go wanted 70K CDN, which was very close to his actual cost after he added roll bar and I believe painted stripes.


Interesting enough I was very high on that list of interested buyers. So thye must ahve called a few people before someone bit.


The guy that called me seemed shocked when I told him I have a car coming at MSRP from one of his competitors.

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