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NEW DIECAST!!!!!! Part 2


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Very nice Bud...I want a red one..... :drool:



Im totally getting the 1:18th Orange SS and 1:18th Black KR(if that come out)


Just wondering Bud, do u know if these diecast will be available on shelbycollectibles.com(I think is the site).


Also do you know if they will have them available on CSCF.org site to get Mr. Shelby autograph on these cars?


thank you

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All the cars look Great and have most of them out, Question?? when are they going to do all the colors of our cars??? I have tungsten with satin silver stripes and none are availiable anywhere. I'm sure there are HARD core collecters that have to have all colors and we would like to have the convertable and fast back types for our cars too and not be left out of the collections, Thanks for any input, Mickey

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I just received my 1/18 2008 shelby gt convertible. I haven't taken it out of the box yet as I 've seen 40 year old virgin too many times and don't want it to lose value (who am I trying to kid here???). Maybe I'll wrap it up for a xmas present to myself and take it out then.


It's still very very cool!!!!



p.s. i ordered mine from www.DiecastMusclecars.Com

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