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2008 Dearborn: A few spots have opened


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Ok we still have a few spots open. I know that it is last minute. But we have had a few people that unfortunately unable to come.



So go to the RSVP and to sign up. Tickets are 199.99 each.



Look forward to seeing you.




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I also have aroom at the T.S rate that will be canceling unless someone needs it .


I also have a ticket - or two if a couple really wants to go. And I have the room as well at the TS rate.


Since the events are essentially the same as last year - I thought I'd give another the opportunity. I was really counting on the proving grounds, but that's not happening for many reasons.


I will still go if no takers.

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I've been on a tour of AAI just prior to starting the production of the 05's. Also been to the Ford Estate. Haven't done the friday events though.


Just not quite sure if the $199 would be worth it or not!



If it's anything like last years event the free give aways and the goodie bags will be well worth the ticket price. Wish I could be there again this year, but unable to attend this years event. Have fun people and post lots and lots of pictures.

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