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pully,headers,elbow ??

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ok so if i do the pulleys ,elbow and possible headers about how much more horsepower will i gain and do you need a new tune or will the stock tune be ok also with that stuff do you think it will do anything to hurt the warranty?

Hard to predict what mods will deliver in power gains, every car will react differently. All of it will threaten your warranty. But, don't worry about actual numbers, your SGT performance could be vastly improved with simple tweaking. I've added shorty headers (from the inexpensive end of the spectrum) and a light weight one-piece drive shaft, and a professional dyno tune. I picked up approximately 20 RWHP and 11 pounds of RWTQ. Not much in dyno numbers, but the driveability speaks in volume.


Headers...How much do you want to spend, and how difficult do you want the install challenge to be? Prices vary based on style (shorty vs. long tube) and construction material, but headers will improve power gains. Don't forget a set of high-flow cats. Mufflers are optional, but that's a "sound" option.


Pulleys...They reduce parasitic drag, but do your homework too. A pulley reduction (depending on percentage and manufacturer) can lead to other concerns. The good stuff is out there, shop wisely?


Elbow...Don't expect much here. Throttle tip-in will improve for smoother acceleration, but any power gains are absent. It does clean up the engine bay appearance.


Consider an electric water pump. Like pulleys, it will reduce parasitic drag and deliver more power to the wheels. Likewise, a one-piece drive shaft, any reduction in overall drive line drag frees up power to the wheels.


I won't suggest that a tune is mandatory, but all of these mods added up makes better sense with a professional dyno tune. A "canned" tune would be a waste of money, the AFR needs to be refined for additional power gains and a safety margin against detonation.


Hey...ya gotta start somewhere, right?

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