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My New Shelby with my Daughters Classic


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pic looks nice... Is your Daughter going to get the other one??? Say around 16.....



It will be her's or her little brother's, the photo was taken due to her wanting a picture of her car with dads. I bought her little stang for Christmas last year after she asked me if she could have a mustang like the one I was hoping to get, we are both in our glory. :shift:

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I don't know for sure which topic to put this under . My dealer called at 8:30 this morning and said my schedule date is 10-16-06. I can't believe it has finally happened. He also gave me my VIN. I just found out from Ford customer service last week that I had been serialized. I said I should have it for Xmas but he said Thanksgiving. I'll believe it when I see it. I am actually getting excited now. It finally feels real. I am really excited to feel what 500 horses feels like again since my '66 Ford Fairlane 427 wedge sideoiler.


Ordered: 5-31-06

VIN & Scheduled: 9-26-06

Changed color to Alloy Stripe Delete: 9-05-06

Delete Sirius radio: 9-05-06

Side stripe silver: 9-05-06

Delivery date: Hopefully before Thankgivings '06

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Nice photo...what part of Michigan are you in? The reason I ask is I searched those plates on the wall & they were taken & now I know why & where... :hysterical:


I am located in the Rochester area, Both of those plates are duplicates which reside on my other vehicles. The plate I currently have on the Shelby is GT500SC, the two on the wall are GT500CS and PWRPONY.

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I dont know if you can open this but its worth posting it.......


Attachment 1: DSC00737.JPG (image/jpeg) Save to Comcast Photo Center


Attachment 2: DSC00738.JPG (image/jpeg) Save to Comcast Photo Center


Attachment 3: DSC00739.JPG (image/jpeg) Save to Comcast Photo Center


Attachment 4: DSC00745.JPG (image/jpeg) Save to Comcast Photo Center


Attachment 5: DSC00746.JPG (image/jpeg) Save to Comcast Photo Center


Attachment 6: DSC00744.JPG (image/jpeg) Save to Comcast Photo Center


Attachment 7: DSC00742.JPG (image/jpeg) Save to Comcast Photo Center

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....that actually happened quite a few months ago in the south part of the kansas city metro area. Brand new car, pulling out of the mission hills country club (real high end place) and decided to impress his friends. Didn't realize that the car has a tendency to jump sideways when you get on it, and put it straight into a pole on the side of a low water bridge. Lesson learned - pick a wide open parking lot to practice getting on it the first few times with your new supercar. Actually chatted with a guy that saw the wrecked car at a ford dealer. Hard to feel too sorry for the guy who wrecked it. Really used bad judgement.




notice the plastics on the seats and a couple of window stickers, a friend of mine send this to me I have to ask him where did he got this pics..



these have been floating around for awhile. Let's face it, it grabs your attention when a new high-end car goes into a pole.


story link

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