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waxing your car

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No real secrets.


Clean thoroughly with a good car wash soap and tar remover if necessary.

Clay bar horizontal surfaces if they need it.

Polish with Meguiar's #83 or Optimum polish and a PC 7424 DA polisher.


At this point all you surface scratches/spiderwebs should be gone or go to a more aggressive polish/pad combo.


Apply a polymer sealant (not a wax per se). I prefer 5-star Ultimate paint protectant for durability, shine and ease of application/removal. Apply with PC 7424 and remove with microfiber.


Use Black Wow on the plastic parts and detail spray (Adam's or Meguiar's) to finish off.


On a side note, I did this when I picked up the car 8 weeks ago. I've driven it 2000 miles since then and have only had to use detail spray for cleanup. I've never washed it since I've owned it. I don't drive it in the rain.

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On all the red cars and black cars I've owned, I've found a silly little product called "Beats 'em All" to produce the best shine. It seems to work best on dark cars. I don't know how the durability of it compares since I haven't used anything else in so many years. I'm anxious to see what it does on the Alloy. Beats 'em all is very easy to put on and take off. No waiting for it to dry, wax on, wax off, if you will. I bought some from a friend who was deep into street rods at the time, several years ago and have kept a couple of bottles on my car cleaning shelf for at least 15-18 years. There's one guy up in Evansville, IN who sells it on the side (like Stanley products or Avon) and when I get down to 1 bottle, I call him up, meet him at the tire store he works at and get some more. Excellent product. Great shine.

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Mother clay bar each spring, Meguiars Gold Classic, Meguiars car wash soap, Meguiars "wax as you dry" after every wash. Finish stays clean and swirl free. The GT-500 has only had wax, first clay bar will be in March.


Each clay bar treatment on the 03 had very little dirt and crud so I'm going to say the Gold, soap and spray on do their job very well!

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