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Some pics of the Romeo Engine Niche Line Builders


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Yes Thanks for coming on and sharing your pic's. "Very Cool"....I've done a walk through before, but its been a while. Y'all are building killer cars. Its amazing how far Ford has come. Keep up the great work. So far we haven't seen any real failures. Just a few that were abused. Killer work, mine runs "AWESOME".... :rockon:.... Thank you very much.



Tim from the sun shine state.... fla.

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Thanks very much Matt!! I am fortunate to have you as my builder and I am looking forward to meeting you in Dearborn in a few weeks. The other name on my engine looks to be Thomas Kla...


Did I read this wrong? Is it actually Mr. Henson and I just cant read or is it another Thomas?

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Hi This is Matt , one of the gt 500 engine builders at Romeo.

I have put some of the builders pics in my image gallery

for you to check out. More to come.




My builders were Fred Kemp and Brian Klepak. They still around? How about a pic? Thanks. Randy

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Where are the pics, could someone post the link again?


I assume the SAI police took it down for some reason lol

Chuck go to his MEMBER page and look at his GALLERY. They are great pics and tomorrow Im going to RELOOK at my builders. I cant remember the names execept the last name of one is TAYLOR ( wifes maiden name)



michael morris

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