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For the gun shoot...


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Are there any restrictions to what we bring? I dont wanna weigh the car down with the .50 machine gun and the ammo...can I just bring a .223 automatic pistol? :drool: :happy feet:


Also, does someone have room for a medium sized gatlin gun? oh and 4 cases of ammo...



Im kidding...sorta


Can we get some details on this other random stuff? do we need a gun? do we need to bring our own chili?


Is there an ice maker? That's all I need to know...


Oh, one more...there a place to buy liquor without driving to Alpine yet?

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Liquor can be bought in Study Butte at the Study Butte store/Last Chance Liqors about 17 miles east of Lajitas and wine and beer in a number of local covenience stores and the ghostwon which is in Terlingua about 12 miles east of lajitas.


Hope this info helps - lastly - Lajitas has a nice bar - the drunken goat.



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Early on it was stated that they would have firearms available there but I did not understand them to be prohibiting you from bringing your own, turret mounted or otherwise. Given the collections of some of our members, it might be pretty interesting out on the firing range. My advice? Bring everything with a firing pin and sort things out once you get there.


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