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3 Days Late, But ...


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I had to take my oldest daughter to her soccer team picture session yesterday. As I pull out of the driveway, my cell phone gives off that "new voicemail" tone. Not one, but two messages from my regular sales guy, Gene. First, "The car is here and still on the truck - hurry down to get pictures". Next, "The truck left. Don't worry, we took pictures for you. I didn't want that kid to drive it, so I pulled it inside for you." I missed the first call by 20 minutes. Just like when my wife was pregnant, I should have had my cell phone on me at all times. Oh well.


I pulled into the dealership at 2:45, daughter in her soccer get up, my heart racing, in the final stage of PSDS. Everyone at the dealership recognizes me from my frequent stops to "check up" on the status of my GT500. Gene is smiling, but not nearly as wide as I am. Gene warns me that it's pretty dirty from the truck ride. Like I care.


I asked to take her out for a spin, so I can get all the "stuff" I acquired over the past few months in anticipation. No problem, I'm told. 7.8 miles on the Odo, cool. I dropped the top, put my daughter's booster seat in the back, and headed across the street to fill up with 93 at BP. The next stop was the local brushless car wash. The automaic kind, where you pull in and the machine, with only high pressure jets, moves around the vehicle. Note to self: All hand washing from now on. Yes, I did put the top back up beforehand.


From there I headed to my office, where I need to pick up my "stuff". About halfway there, I go to pass on a country raod, and she takes off. The sweet sound of blower whine makes me check the boost gauge. We have pressure. Looked to be about 8 psi. How is it possible that my grin got bigger?


I "marked" my territory by laying a modest patch on the road in front of my office, maybe 20 feet long. I pushed her a little through the twisties, but not very hard as my daughter was in the back seat. She stayed nicely planted, both the car and the daughter.


I'm taking Monday off, so I can observe the PDI process, and do a little experimenting. Oh, and the wait was worth it. Below are some quick pictures. More to follow.







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Congratulations Orf!! The tungsten looks great with the top down.....and up, but really great with it down. You guys are making me sooooo jealous, and it is going to be hard to wait until November when mine is scheduled to arrive. Enjoy!!!!


ps tell me about the PDI process when you get a chance. I want to be present when they do mine.

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Thanks all.


I will have many more pictures by Tuesday or Wednesday. I didn't take any interior shots, as the plastic is still on the seats.


I don't expect anything earth shattering during the PDI, but I have other stuff I want to watch being installed. I'm doing it more for the experience than anything else.

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OK. I've been busy driving, which was so much fun I didn't stop to take picture. I know, I should be punished.


I do have some pictures of it being unloaded. Sorry for the low resolution, but I didn't take the pictures.





Oh, here is a picture of my dash disassembled.












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Here are some more pictures. I haven't had the time to give the car a good detail yet, so it's a little dirty. Sorry.


Here are some more pictures. I haven't had the time to give the car a good detail yet, so it's a little dirty. Sorry.
















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I am jealous too.

Mine maybe will make it in by the end of the year if I am lucky. Did the white convert with blue door stripe. Did upgrade the sound system too.

I understand you on the price....mine not great either...but we've "got to smell the roses while we can." Right?


I actually got permission from my wife too!


Unfortantely I am going to have to give my car (a Cadillac EXT) to my son when he turns 16 in Oct. inorder for me to justify it for my wife.....but I guess that is oK too.


I can't wait to get mine in....the taking off a day after I get it is a great idea.....hope it isn't too cold here in AL in Jan., but I think I can stand it. I will just have my wide grin frozen on my face for a while :rockon:

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