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Boom Tubes?


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and then you can add a CAI and pulley and really listen to it scream


It's cabin noise is quite minimal, even with the windows down.


Good to know

I would love to add CAI and pully but my parents would freak with all that extra power.

After all it is under their name =\

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Good for them......Be responsible and you will enjoy your Shelby for many years.


OK, done with the lecture. In summary, I don't think that you will be dissapointed with the SLP's and they are at a great price point relative to other systems. They even pop up used from time to time from the guys that didn't like them on their GT's.

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I just went through weeks of listening and trying to get the right sound for my Shelby GT vert. I recently was next to a GT500 in my a area and it sounded awesome. I think I found him on here. I installed the boomtubes and love the way it sounds, not too loud but just the right growl tone. But the gt500 I heard was running Ford Racing gta's and that sounds a little better. Check the links out.



















Your wifes car sounds like a monster!

in a good way!

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