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GT-H Pictures

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Here are some pictures of the GT-H #409 I rented while on vacation at Glacier National Park summer 2007. The pictures were taken on the "Going to the Sun Road". I enjoyed the car so much when I got back home I bought #417 within a couple of weeks. I know the pictures are old now but I thought you TRUE GT-H lovers/owners would enjoy the car in the mountains.


SVT GT-H #417 2006

GT500 Vapor 2008











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I'm from Montana, and it truly is a beautiful place. I plan to retire there someday...


Where in MT did you rent the Shelby?


I rented #409 at the airport in Kalispell, MT. It was a small airport but the Hertz dealer was privately owned. I asked how he got a car and he told me Hertz had a drawing for 23 GT-Hs to go to independently owned dealers. He also had some other unusual cars that he rented. He told me he did not have to turn his GT-H back into Hertz and that he would keep it and rent it forever. I hope to go back to Glacier someday. It'll be interesting to see if it is still there.



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Beautiful country to be tourng in a Shelby. It doesn't get better than that.


In another life, we lived in central NJ. We owned a '68 SS 396 Chevelle. In 1973 we took a 10,000 mile, 5 week, road trip around the American West, excluding Calif. I have pictures of our SS 396 on this same road. We were there on Labor Day weekend when the park was closing for the season. We had marmots, like ground hogs or woodchucks, actually climb in to our laps for hand outs. If you didn't comply, they would bat their paws at your hands until you did. They would fill their pouches, run over the edge, empty out and come back for more. I guess they were stocking up for winter.


That trip was a life changer. We went back to NJ, quit our jobs and rented the largest U-Haul trailer we could tow behind our SS and headed west. My only regret might be selling the SS to buy a 4X4 in 1974 but now owning an '07 SGT more than makes up for it.

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Bump......Its cold outside and just thought I'd bump these pictures up for the GT -H Lovers on the website. After renting this car in Montana I came home and bought one within a couple of weeks and now am hanging on to 4 Shelbys. The GT-H was the rebirth of Shelby and I'm sure glad Ford and Carroll Shelby worked things out for the rest of us.



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