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California owners

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Thanks I have seen this. I am looking for any members feed back on real time experience.

I found some feedback from a Benz owner who said it worked in 2007, but nothing more recent than that. Let's see what other members have to say. I am curoius, too.


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I have been an 11-99 member for the last 12 years, and have sponsored perhaps 20-30 friends as members during that time.


During that same time I have never once been pulled over, for the simple reason that I habitually drive within the law, including speed limits. To me the 11-99 plate is not a "get away with it" device, but a message of appreciation to any CHP who happens to drive by.


Indeed I think that it would be humiliating to be pulled over while displaying that frame. It's supposed to indicate that you support the difficult job the CHP has to do - not make it more so.


The Foundation's membership literature does make it quite clear that membership is not to be interpreted or attempted for preferential treatment. If a member violates this guidance, membership is subject to cancellation.


In an ordinary driving pull-over situation, is it possible that an officer may be somewhat more well-disposed upon seeing the 11-99 frame? Sure. It's a sign that the driver actively supports CHP officers & their families. It's a sign that the officer is probably approaching a friend in the car's driver's seat, not someone who hates or resents him. If there's a way the officer and the driver can resolve the pullover problem cooperatively and amicably, rather than confrontationally, they may well do so. This is not "bribery", but just mutual respect and courtesy.


And that's really what 11-99 is all about: establishing and promoting a "work with" rather than a "work against" attitude towards the CHP.



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