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AZ dealers


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I am new to the forum and the Shelby world. I live in Arizona outside Phoenix. It is the nearest big city and I would like to know which Ford dealer seems to be the most preferred for sales and service.


Welcome to the site! Lots of good information exchanged here.


I take my car to Sanderson Ford in Glendale for service; they understand that the GT500 and other Cobras are special to their owners and take pretty good care of them. They also sell and install FRPP parts. Sanderson is one of the larger Ford dealers in the area but I don't know much about their sales staff since I didn't purchase my car there.

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Tough call. I hate to say it but the last two times I had my F-150's repaired both were done at Bell Ford. Not a big fan of theirs but they got the job done with no hassle. I guess depending on what part of town you live in, give the nearest dealer a shot. I have been told Berge will not order Ford Racing parts because too many people want to return them. The things I have heard lately about Sanderson are contrary to what I have known about them for the last 15-20 years. Maybe they have changed their attitude. Please let us know how your experience goes regardless of where you end up taking it.....

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