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New 2nd Generation Flywheel & Nickel hub clutch


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Today I arrived at my dealership for my 8:30 appointment to have the new flywheel and clutch and pilot bearing installed on my car. Met with my senior master Tech and looked over everything. This is warranty work per the recent TSB that came out. I have the new 2nd generation Tranny with only 1000 miles on it, so I did not need the new input shaft and syncros. My new tranny is performing great still.


I was pleased to see that the nickel hub clutch is out on the market and included in the TSB. GT500_Clutch_drag_TSB_08_16_04.pdf


The new flywheel is very different from the old nodular steel one. I have some pic's of it and the old one side by side. The new one has a much thicker section hub where the clutch pads grab. You can also see the steel is different. This new one will not warp. A lot of design effort went into this new one. Trust me on that.


New Flywheel:



















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My senior master tech with 13 years at this dealership did this job in 3 hours and 10 minutes.


BTW Bad Tony has some high res pic's that I will post too. He spent the morning with me at the dealership. His car goes in next week for the full TSB and My Master Tech will be doing it for him.

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Did you already have your trans and clutch replaced? then with this new tsb they replaced the flywheel? The reason I ask is my car just came back today and they said thet checked for applicable tsb's and also checked the car and found nothing wrong. Car went in for airbag tsb, new panhard and roush wheel hop kit and oil change. I have already had the trans and clutch replaced last Nov.


See post #3 in this thread:



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Rob, I noticed the original flywheel is cast nodular iron. I'm wondering if the new one is forged steel which I think will conduct and dissipate heat better. Dunno if it is ...just was wondering if there's some way to tell. :shrug: Seems the old one has cooling vents which the new one apparently does not require -- that's what made me think of that.


All those new parts sure look mighty purdy! ;)

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What is the weight difference between the old and new flywheel InfoBoy? :waiting:




I don't know what the weight difference is, but it does weigh more.


There are 3 changes.

1.) As you can see by the back side of the flywheel it is in a cone shape. That gives it much more stiffness and prevents warping.


2.) The section hub on the front side of the flywheel where the clutch pads ride is thicker.


3.) The metal is not nodular Iron, so the heat dissappation is much better.

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I had my Tech check the top bolt on my FRPP shifter to make sure it was tight because SCGT500's came loose. He found that mine was not as tight as it should be, so he put some lock tite on it and torqued it to the correct spec.


That's Bad Tony in the pic.





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I did not know it, but 3 tech's, including my Senior Master Tech were about to play a big joke on me, that freaked me out. :censored:


Bad Tony was in on the joke and was taking pic's of me and I did not know it. :finger:


I was standing there watching my Tech getting ready to fire the car up.




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