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Tasca visit today


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Adam - Is the Tasca thing really worth everything you say it is? I love your car, you know that, but what is it with Tasca besides what they did in the 60's? I really would like to know and I know you have the inside scoop.



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Good question Swede. As you know, for me it is all about that history. That's why I made my car a Tasca Shelby pretty much from day 1 and helped push Tasca to work with Shelby again last year.

That history is still alive and well at Tasca. Many of those people from back then either still work there or definitely hang out there sometimes or come to different events they hold. For example, Bill Gilbert, the guy who invented the Cobra Jet Engine still works there. Glen (forgot his last name) is still over at the Seakonk facility and many others I don't even know but you see them around as you walk through the different buildings.

And then there is the energy you feel when you're there. Its pretty the same feeling as when you're at SAI. Tasca still has a high degree of respect in this area. I am sure there are some that would disagree but they are the place to go when you want a new car or the best service. Bob Tasca Sr even wrote a book called "You will be satisfied." And that phrase is all over all the ads and even on the license plate frames (look closely on my pics and you'll see mine). Their service is top notch especially Dennis and his new team.

For anyone else who wants to understand more and who hasn't done so already, read the stories on my blog about the Tasca's, my Tasca Shelby and others. The website is in my signature. Read Roger's blog too as he has some great childhood stories about hanging out at Tasca with his grandfather. Then look at one of the links at the top of the topic I linked to above and you will see a link to some pics I took of Roger's and my cars at Tasca and compared them to 40 years ago pics of Shelbys at Tasca - pretty cool. I think its the topic called "first make history..."

I could go on and on but my fingers are hurting from typing on the blackberry. I'll write more tonight.

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Adam, how many times have you posted this thread? I have seen the same thread in 3 places. Maybe you have Alzheimer's??? :hysterical:


Please try not to post the same thing 3 or more times, it just chews up more bandwidth on the site. You may want to try posting once in the general topic forum if you can't decide where to post.


Nice pics, by the way...





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