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Ford sued too many Mustangs

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When you sell something as a "limited edition," you better mean it. But it turns out that a recent limited edition of the Ford (NYSE: F) Mustang was not that limited after all. And now a group of angry Mustang buyers are taking legal action against the troubled automaker.


Ford claimed that only 100 of the 2007 Roush Stage 3 BlackJack Mustangs would be made in 2007, and fans snatched them up as they went on sale. The car, which cost $59,000, was continued in 2008 and another 100 were made by Ford and Roush Performance Products. That fact didn't sit well with those who had purchased the 2007 model. (I remember the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang fanatics of the 70s and 80s -- and fans of both can be quite intense and still dote on their treasured vehicles to this day.)


in the end, though, "limited" doesn't really mean anything -- the number can refer to 10 or 1,000. The lawsuit states that the value of each of the 2007 Mustangs was harmed by the additional 100 cars made in 2008. But is this what true fans are really worried about? I doubt it -- it's hard to think of these vehicles as long-term investments. Their attraction comes more from being something unique. Perhaps it's a bit of both. The lawsuit, though, is claiming more than $12 million in damages. Doing the math, 100 vehicles times $59,000 equals just over $5.9 million. Multiply that by two and you get something close to $12 million. Apparently, the entire value of all 200 Mustangs from 2007 and 2008 are at issue here.


Could it really be just about money? Or is it more a matter of bruised egos? Either way, it could be expensive for Ford, which can't afford to lose another penny.

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