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New information from Carroll Shelby Wheel Co.

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This is an update and new information on CS-40 wheels from the Carroll Shelby Wheel Company and a new product release.


The new CS-40's should be arriving the week of August 12. Great looking wheel. Take a look at the photo's below.







Also, they will be making a Special Edition CS-69 wheel in honor of Carroll's 85th. Anticipated release will be about 8 weeks. The celebration continues:


It will have the CShelby logo engraved in the outer lip and the finish will be black with Chrome lips and spokes. The center cap is also special as it has the special edition label along with Carroll's signature. These will be a special edition wheel available for a limited time.


For more information contact your nearest Carroll Shelby Wheel dealer, Shelby Performance Parts or Carroll Shelby Wheels direct.



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Beautiful wheels do they both have clearance for brakes? off subject but are those SS quarter window scoops? it looks like they have a grill on the intake, they don't come with that do they?


Both have clearance for big brakes. On the car it is a GT with a 3D Carbon body kit.



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The 18" size is not available. That does not mean there will not be made available. Supply and demand.


Now I would think if this wheel was 18" and cleared the big brake kits, how many would purchase?


I did get some clearification on the center cap. Only "blue" on the Special Edition wheels.

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You're not getting rid of yours are you?? Love yours and my opinion much nicer..........I believe I saw them in person at the 85th bash.


Like another posted, top ones look like Racelines


Unfortunately, I had to return my American Racing GT40 wheels. I had issues with a leak and wheel rivet failing. American Racing's poor customer service over three months of trying to get the wheel repaired drove me to the point I didn't want their product on my car. Also, they couldn't/wouldn't tell me why the bolt failed. How was I to know it wouldn't fail again. The wheels had less then 4000 miles on them.


The design was bought from Raceline.


According to the guys at CS Wheels, the faux bolts were added after Mr. Shelby's input.

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really, 18" in the 69 AND it fits the brakes? REALLY?




Give it up Wicked...you're still a newlywed and she's got her eye on new furniture, curtains, towels, dishes and appliances to go in the new house...Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat that you are...

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