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33rd Annual Northwood Shelby Meet at Road America


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Our Annual Midwest Invitational is held at the world famous Road America track which consists of a three-day on track event. Shelby, Ford, and automobile enthusiasts from all over the United States return to Road America every fall to drive their cars on one of the biggest and best road courses in the world. Road America is a 4-mile, 14 Turn marvel of asphalt that winds over and through the beautiful Wisconsin countryside. The feature car for 2007 is the 2007-08 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang. Each year the featured car/theme for our event will be displayed on our event T-shirt and our dash plaque.


The Northwoods Region of the Shelby American Automobile Club is a top of the line enthusiast group formed in September of 1976 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, care and enjoyment of cars from Shelby American, such as the Cobra, GT350, GT500 and GT500KR, as well as others like the GT40, Tiger, Pantera and all models of Mustangs from 1964 to the present. Since there are no ownership requirements, everyone is welcome to join.


For More information visit





Note: There is no fee for spectators.



There is also a car show on Saturday. Cost to enter is $10



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Well, heres what some of you missed. A great event, sold out! One unfortunate incident, a Ford GT hard into the tires demolshing the entire front end. I came around and saw it and immediately got sick to my stomach. Fortunately, no one seriously hurt. Rest of the weekend was fantastic. I ran the Bonderant car but ran out of brakes, and, to make a long story short, the box of extra pads were empty. Plan B, put the 500 on the track. Had a blast but not as fun. Car show was small but impressive with every year of Shelby Mustang. A wide variety of Cobra Replicas along with a couple of the real deals. Lot of Racing, great conversation, Brats Burgers and just an all around fantastic event. Make your plans for next year

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Well, puit it on the calander for next year

I will. Please give us a little more "lead" time next year? This seems to be a factor with our "club" activities.


I want to thank you, Tim, for your effort in promoting this event among us. I'm not making excuses, but stating fact when I say that we are a young and "loose" collection of Shelby/Mustang owners at the present time.


Not a lot of posts here from anyone (despite the style/age of the car anyone drives) and if it wasn't for Jeff, we prolly wouldn't see much activity at all. I don't understand this, but like a fine wine, I pray this improves with time.


F2F meets are an opportunity for us all to make new friendships. I know it worked well with the limited production Marauder owners, and that club is still going very strong after 4 years in discontinuation.


Maybe the next time we have something solid on the calendar as a club activity, you could drop down and visit with us? Shaking hands always seems to improve on-line communications. As an example, I fudged up the details for the Dearborn '08 event so bad, my calendar looked like melted M&Ms on the dashboard.


Until then, thanks again and be safe my friend. I hope to meet you soon.

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