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85th Shelby GT Diecast


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Chris weren't you one of the many that submitted a "tell us your Shelby Experience" story? If so, rather then just the winner, all that entered a story were luck enough to receive one of those cars. Its a sweet looking car model.


Here is a funny story for all to enjoy about these car models. During the CSBB I was in the back room a bunch of times while all the important people were in and out of there all weekend. Early on while they were putting the final touches on the CSBB table prizes (ask Dave&Sherri for a pic) one of those cars were there on the table. Now keep in mind that for years I have been used to seeing car number 98 on lots of Shelby's and at that point was also used to #38, 322, 5, 7, 24 and many other NASCAR numbers too. But when I saw the 85 on the cars I couldn't place it so I asked "why #85?". Well just as Jim, Robert, Sharon and a bunch others were about to abuse me with the answer and give me a whithering look, I immediately figured it out. LOL talk about embarrassing. LOL

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