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Ford loses another customer (at least for now)


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Well, after months of trying to work out a way to purchase a GT500 at a reasonable price (MSRP or less), I'm giving up. I've had three separate deals fall apart for one reason or another and it seems most dealers have not or simply choose not to come to their senses. I hope Ford Corp realizes what this ADM fiasco is doing to those folks like me who have never bought a Ford, but would have come to their camp for a wonderful car like the GT500. At this point, if ADMs continue to drop and if I amass another pile of money, I may consider looking again next summer to see what they are selling for then.


In the meantime, I've made arrangements to purchase a full restoration, ready to drive '68 GTO 4-spd convertible for considerably less than the cost of GT500 (even at sticker)... balance of my money will be set aside to accelerate the restoration of my numbers matching '68 Charger R/T. Maybe not as much performance, but surely a better investment.


So, for those who have been able to snag their GT500 (at sticker, higher, or lower), I envy you. Enjoy your rides! Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll actually get to see some of you out on the road.

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I'll still pop in here once in a while. I'm eager to hear what folks start doing with their GT500s as they get them. It looks like the prices will drop eventually. Maybe by the end of next summer I can lock into an '08 order or find a used '07 even. But I don't want to wait a full year for something to play with. The best part for me is I'm pretty certain if I really want a GT500 later, I could easily move the GTO droptop I'm getting. Should be a high demand item because it is a 4-spd convertible.


Hit Man> Did not see the post you are referring to. While I'd be willing to order an '08 at MSRP, I see no point to lock that in so far in advance.

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