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Gauging interest for road trip


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QUOTE (clark17357 @ Jul 22 2008, 05:30 PM)

I was at the 2008 event but did not get a confirmation that it would be yearly. Having said that, if they have it in 2009, presumably the dates would be Friday, January 10, Saturday, January 11 (CS's B-Day) and Sunday, January 12. That would duplicate what we had in 2008.


I have been discussing this with another forum member and we are thinking of booking a trip to Las Vegas for that weekend regardless. That way, we will have it on our calendar no matter what. We figure, worst case, we will just show up at SAI and start our own party in the parking lot.




AmyB response


Thanks Jim, we will have a bash on the dates listed above!








:happy feet: :happy feet: Well, we have the dates so whos in?



Amy, sure would be nice to start planning this now, at least for my wallett and my business.

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