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Shaffted by LFP


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:angry2: :rant: To make a long story short, Lightening Force perofmance has not replaced my defective FRRP SVT-1 mufflers after 6 wks. The chrome is flaking off the tips only after 2-3 weeks post install(see pictures below). LFP has given me the run-a-round and missled me to think they are shipping a replacement set out each time I call, which has been once a week. This is horrible business and the worst customer service I have seen. I've owned several vettes and this is my first Shelby, all of which I have ordered into the $$$$ rang for aftermarket parts. I hope nobody ever has to deal with this company and experience what it did to me.

In conclusion, FRRP has stepped up to the plate and offered to take back the mufflers and swap them out for new ones. :yahoo: This is only after I asked them to help with their buyer who sold the defective set to LFP. This should never happen to anyone, especially us Shelby fans.



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According to other TS members the FRPP SVT1 is on backorder at the production site. Perhaps LFP is in the same boat by having to wait for them before shipping.

They never told me anything about back order status. They accually said they have several in stock.

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