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More choices in custom wheels...

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Upgrading wheels and tires seems a popular topic here. But, I have often wondered if anyone is paying attention wheel weight? Anyone looking to reduce power-taxing rotating mass? If an aftermarket drive shaft reduces rotating mass and delivers more HP/TQ to the wheels, well...The wheels themselves are partners in that game.


If you want more power at the wheels and quicker ETs (and desire a change in wheel appearance as well), consider this selection?




(follow the links too)


O.Z. Some badazz goodies in the street race and 1/4 mile track games in my neighborhood, check it out?

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I'll stick with "pure" Shelby wheels LuLu. Also I guess it is just I can't see changing the wheels if your not changing sizes, why do it? The factory 18's are extremely nice. But I changed because like Roger, Adam, Dave C., GT/SC etc... we all changed sizes that dramatically altered the appearance of the car. But that is why this is a free country we all can spend our money as we wish.


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