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Shelby, The Man. The Cars. The Legend.

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So I was walking around Cars and Coffee in Irvine CA last Saturday morning in my Team Shelby shirt, answering a few questions about the club like usual, then a friendly chap in a safari style canvas hat asked if I'd like to see a new book on Shelby. Sure, why not. Talked to him a bit and turns out not only did he write this new book but he wrote "Shelby's Wildlife" a few years back. I have that one at home and liked it for the historical content. I leafed thru really quick and decided it was worth a shot at the $20. cover price. I told him about the SoCal Team shelby weekend on the 26th, he said he would be back :yahoo:


It's has complete history of Carroll Shelby from oil field roughneck to Chicken farmer (all the livestock got a diesese and died! Good thing or we may be eating Shelby's nuggets but not driving his cars :nonono:) to race driver and eventually car builder. I'm only 1/3 of the way thru and already it's worth the $$ IMO B) Great stories that I want to believe really happened...


Iconografix books written by Wallace A. Wyss



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Yes, I agree that it really is a great book on Carroll. Thanks for the head's up. I'll definately bring my copy next Saturday and ask Wallace to autograph for me.

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The author Wallace Wyss attended our NorCal Mini-Nats last Sept. and was selling autographed books, I bought this one and the another new book he wrote on the Cobras (also autographed)


Love the story about some lady picking him up in a Cobra off of the streets in Detroit and took him along as he knew the way to Cobo Hall for the car show!


Good reads on both...

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Wallace is a great guy even though he spelled my name wrong in the Dodge section :club:


I enjoyed working with him and yes there were one or two little bitty errors that didn't get corrected before it went to the publishers but overall it was great to get the Shelby Dodge exposure from him.



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I was doing some searching for this book. There appears to be two. The Cobras and Mustangs and The Cobras, Mustangs and Dodges. which one are you talking about Steve?
The Cobras and Mustangs
This one doesn't include the Dodge cars.


The Cobras, Mustangs and Dodges.
This is an updated version where he added the Dodge cars to the original book.



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Last year at the Monterey Historic races Mr. Wyss approached me because I was wearing my Team Shelby hat. I followed him to his stand and bought the book and got it autographed. I found it to be a very interesting read and would recommend it to others.

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There is some confusion on books which I might be able to clear iup. The 57,000 word book SHELBY The Man The Cars The Legend is a "stand alone" book,

not a sequel or rewrite of Shelby's Wildlife, the Cobras & the Mustangs, by the same author, an out of print title that goes back to 1977

when it was published by MBI. That book came in hardbound originally, then softbound, the softbound including the Dodges by Shelby.


SHELBY The Man The Cars The Legend is an all new book, styled more along the lines of a business bio, such as you

might read in Forbes' FYI magazine, delving into each of Shelby's s automotive business ventures

chapter by chapter, including the racing ventures. It goes right up to 2007. It resembles a regular biography in that the first couple chapters are about Shelby's career as a race driver, which ran from about 1952 to 1960 then goes into the first car business, the Cobra.

The book is available at most chain bookstores. Here's the order info.

Paperback: 208 pages

Publisher: Iconografix, Inc. (April 27, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1583881824

ISBN-13: 978-1583881828

Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.1 x 0.7 inches

For bulk ordering for swap meets, the publisher can be reached

at Iconografix Inc. 1830A Hanley Rd., Hudson , WI, (800)289-3504, (715)381-9756 fax


For those who prefer pictures to words , there is a "companion" book by the same author consisting of only pictures and captions and no running text called COBRA &SHELBY MUSTANG Photo Archive.Here's the skinny on that:

Paperback: 128 pages

Publisher: Iconografix (August 14, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1583881980

ISBN-13: 978-1583881989

Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 8.6 x 0.5 inches

It features both color and black and white, a mix of pictures from archivial photographs shot in the Sixties to photos shot at Shelby events and vintage races as late as 2008.


There is also a new book from Colorado on Cobras at the Shelby Collection but since I haven't had one in my hands yet, can't give you much info or opinion. This one is more your typical "coffee table book," hardbound and impressive studio-shot photos and pricetag over $100.


Of course the ultimate Cobra book to own is one called Daytona Cobra coupes published by Stauffer Publishing, Blue Mounds Wisconsin which came out at $100 or so but, due to not being re-printed , is now running around $750 on ebay. Here's the Table of contents from Stauffer Classics website:


1 THE STARTING GRID Histories, Orgins, People

2 THE CONCEPT Something Old, Something New

3 CONTROVERSY A Plague of Experts

4 CONSTRUCTION Executive Compromise

5 TESTING Truth in the Morning

6 DAYTONA Trial by Fire

7 SEBRING The Twelve Hours

8 THE COMPETITION Ferrari, Jaguar, AC, and the GT 40s

9 ITALY Old World Education

10 SPA Franchorchamps Aerodynamic Reality

11 LE MANS Ohlsen's Miracle

12 REIMS The Best Laid Plans

13 GOODWOOD The Tourist Trophy


15 TYPE 65 The Le Mans 427 Cobra Coupe

16 DAYTONA '65 The Steamroller Starts

17 SEBRING '65 Different Attitudes, Different Conditions

18 THE NEW TEAM Monza, The TT, Spa, and the 'Ring

19 LE MANS '65 Money Talks; Sometimes


21 THE SALT Last Dance For A Champion

22 AFTER 1965 The End of an Era, By George Stauffer

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