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08 Vapor GT500 in NC


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I picked up a 08 Vapor with black stripes from a msrp deal posted by shelbydude here on the site. It was in St. louis.

I did the deal in about 20 mins over the phone the dealer was very nice to deal with and held the car for me 3 weeks till I could get there.

I flew out on the 6th and on the 7th my buddy and I rolled out toward NC we hit 6 states and a ass load of bugs coming back. We rolled in at home about 20 hours later. I didn't take any delivery pictures I was busy driving :lol: the sales manager did the workup on the car so I didn't deal with any of the salesman till I was ready to test drive the car the salesman was really a cool guy he helped us with some got directions for some stops on the way back and he was also helpful on the test drive at pointing out a prime opportunity to accelerate lets say briskly I took his advice there he was right :speedie:

Also I thought this was really cool of him he told me to take my buddy for a ride while the paperwork was still getting finished. I know for a fact here at home I'd never been able to do that before signing. After coming home I took a few pictures before cleaning up the car to have proof its never going to be a garage queen.



I did a about 970 miles getting back home so I took a ride around that evening to get to a 1000 miles of break in I ran across a SGT out in town he pulled up and waved I waved back thought that was it. Next thing I know hes lined outside of two other cars at a light with no traffic around nothing but empty highway. I didn't think he was going to try and run me but he did light went green he got the hit I decided to play and dropped it hard I looked back after pulling 3 cars on him he was done playing around. He pulled up next to me at another light and asked me if my car was a GT 500 I said why yes it is. He just smiled and waved I guess he didn't realize it till I pulled away from him.


Anyway I know the rules about pictures and all that I'll post some when I get them back I'm also hoping to hit mustang week this weekend so maybe some pictures by Sunday.


Many thanks Shelby Dude :beerchug:

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Finally took a few pictures still stock under the hood a few interior mods for the moment, I added a MGW power outlet plug and a cup holder bezel with coin tray. Also have a set of seat lever buckles I may add. I have a 8" shorty antenna coming to me from American Muscle.











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