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Shelby GT 1:18 die-cast w/csm #


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I have a Shelby Collectible 1:18 07 black Shelby GT, but I was wondering if they made the same

die-cast with your CSM# on the box or on the die-cast itself? I think it is so cool to have a car that

you can actually buy a model of, but it would be great if I could buy a one of a kind die-cast with

my CSM# on it! Any chance of this happening?

Sorry if I am repeating a previous post!






PS Is Frankilin mint or Danbury going to make a SGT diecast?

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I haven't seen any diecast Shelby GTs with custom CSM #s. Considering the vendor theat created the Shelby GT diecast only seemingly reproduced the Shelby GT-H model with a different hood, wheels and silver stripes I doubt you will see one with CSM #s. I would be happy if a diecast Shelby GT with the Hurst shifter was released. One of the most prominent features of the Shelby GT was left off in favor of the automatic. :finger::banghead:

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