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Smoked Front Turn Signals


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I ordered a smoked turn signal kit for my GT500 from Headlight Armor and they didn't fit, too small.

So I emailed HA and they said just cut them to fit. Well there's not enough material there to cut.

Long story short they just sent me a set that fits with a note.


This is from Headlight Armor.



After some conflicting reports from a few teamshelby form members

we have just designed a Ford Shelby GT500 specific Smoked Front Turn

Signal kit. We are sending out the updated version to all of our

customers with a GT500 that had originally bought the Signal kit for the

Mustang. We are sorry for any inconvenience the original wording on

the site may have caused.



Kudos to Headlight Armor!! :rockon:


I'm going to install them right now!

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Post pics!


Are they the actual lenses or covers over the existing lens?


No they aren't lenses they are like a a real thick window tint that are sticky on the back.

I think they might be like your head light covers.


I will post pics.

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