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Car is on the assembly line!


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I talked to my dealer today. They looked up status, and according to them, my convertible DID start on the production line yesterday.

Have an ETA now of October 4th +/-.


The coupe is scheduled to start on the line next Monday, so I would assume ETA will be 1 week later.


Based on this, and everyone's posted experiences with shipping taking a couple extra days, it sounds like I'll have a Shelby "Pumpkin" just before Halloween! (The 'vert is Grabber Orange, the Black top ought to be cool for at least that holiday).


Let's see how close they come to their dates now.



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Do you have TWO cars at the SAME dealer both with VIN#'s? just wondering?

Yes, two cars from same dealership.

They're either cars 4 & 5 (according to inventory Manager), or 5 & 6 (according to GM) from their allocation. I was 1st to place deposits (April 2005) so I should have had cars 1 & 2 in my mind. But, of course, the owners and friends got theirs 1st.


Yes, I have VIN's for both, and schedules confirmed again today.

The G O Vert is on the line now, the White w/Blue coupe should build next week.


Dealer is SVT as well as PA winner, and one of the top Mustang dealers in the country, which is why they have so many allocated (again, just according to them).



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